Western Restaurant Manager Assistant

Shenzhen-jobs.com   |   September 4, 2023

Artisans Pizza

Requirements:Able to speak English and Mandarin
Benefits: Full attendance bonus, paid annual leave, free food & accommodation, and social insurance

The assistant would help with:

1. Communications, able to speak English. Cooperate with the manager’s work, and assist the manager in communications with staff.
2. Marketing & Online platforms: Assist in administration of online platforms such as, Dianping, Meituan, Douyin, & Eleme. Also assist with online marketing to targeted customers.
3. Managing in-house and outside events.
4. Maintaining service level standards in the restaurant as needed.
5. Maintaining team staffing levels, managing staff information, and helping to coordinate staff events and benefits.
6. Performing administrative duties related to maintaining restaurant contracts and government licenses.
7. Arranging maintenance and periodic sanitation for the restaurant as required.
8. Interacting with shopping mall management.
9. Comply with rules and regulations of the shop, conscientiously fulfill the civilized behavior standards of employees.

Job requirements:
1. Good communication skills and basic English communication skills are required.
2. Age 21-30 years old, physical condition meets the requirements of national catering industry standards.
3. Outgoing personality, good at expression, self-motivated, with a good sense of service and sales promotion, and a passion for the catering service industry.
4. College degree or above, recent graduates with interest in the food and beverage industry are preferred; Priority given to those with experience in catering services; Business management majors are preferred.


To apply for this job email your details to 1196095549@qq.com