Foreign trade salesman   |   August 24, 2023


Foreign trade salesman

Elite reserves of foreign companies, fair promotion mechanism (rank promotion every 3 months)
You are welcome to join us!

Job information

1. College degree or above, majors in international trade, business English, minor languages are preferred;
2. Good written and oral English skills; Spanish is preferred;
3. Familiar with foreign trade and order management process, with solid basic knowledge in related fields is preferred;
4. Ability to sell online, have a certain understanding of B2B/B2C sales rules and techniques, experience in operating Alibaba International Station is preferred
5. Team spirit and service awareness, strong learning ability, honest and trustworthy, down-to-earth, strong resistance to pressure, and passion for the foreign trade industry.
6. Once you join the job, you will have a guaranteed salary of 5500-6000RMB + KPI base 1500+ PO collection commission
7. The time is super fixed, from Monday to Friday, weekends are closed, and holidays are closedJob


1. Able to independently develop new customers (the company provides data);
2. It is necessary to contact overseas customers and overseas cooperation teams every day, and update the status of customers synchronously
3. It is necessary to hold a three-party confereference call with prospects and our engineer, and the status of the customer needs to be updated synchronously by whats app
4. Provide professional consultation, inquiry and modification to customers, and promote sales work online
5. Follow-up processing of import and export orders to ensure delivery according to customer requirements (team members will assist) ;
6. Recovering the payment for goods, recording, analyzing and archiving related businesses.


1. Foreign salesmen over 25 years old (under 35 years old), male or female
2. College diploma or above (self-confident, outstanding ones can relax their academic qualifications)
3. A little Mandarin or Cantonese is preferred, cheerful personality, love to communicate with prospects.

Promotion is more explicit:

Junior -> Intermediate -> Senior -> Project Manager -> Senior Manager

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