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Shenzhen Jobs   |   January 1, 2022


Website Hongda Business Service

operating duty:
1. It is required to have a wide circle of foreign business contacts and work experience in foreign business associations
2. Sort out and analyze customers and quickly convert them into cash;
3. Sales experience

Job requirements:
1. Men and women are not limited, foreigners or Chinese are accepted
2. Good appearance and temperament, pay attention to etiquette;
3. Excellent communication and presentation skills; Proficient in customer communication skills
4. Strong logical analysis ability and problem solving ability
5. Familiar with company business, able to communicate with customers independently
6. Fluent English and sales experience

1. Salary: base salary + High Commission, generous salary, annual salary of more than 300k, no upper limit;
2. Can be full-time or part-time
3. Flat management, flexible working hours.

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